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BALIZZA who has been started to the fashion journey in the year 1993 is a brand that creates pretentious, luxury and sophisticated new trend collections by enriching them with its own original details and gathering them in a synthesis with the oriental culture and modern urban culture of its own land. With this purpose, it has become a successful brand in the segment of luxury brands with high awareness.

In the year 2002, as a result of the studies made by the Research and Development Department and the important designers’ joined into the permanent staff of the company, BALIZZA have determined the lack of sport-chic dresses in the market and has created the “B2 BALIZZA” brand. B2 BALIZZA has rapidly taken an important place in the sector with its modern cutting, special washing affects and young style. Today, it became a leader in the Turkish fashion sector which creates the trends and firsts. After it takes a good place in the fashion sector of Russia, East Europe and Middle East; BALIZZA add Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States of America in its portfolio and effectuated to be a successful brand which has more then 50 shops and franchising contracts in the world. BALIZZA prepares 3 different collections every year and with the commercial campaigns in leader fashion magazines of the world, it shows that it is a strong brand.

BALIZZA and B2 BALIZZA are living the rightful pride and happiness of being a successful Turkish brand in different countries of the world like Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Moldova, Italy, Spain, Swiss, Hungary, France, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

BALIZZA which takes the unconditional and permanent customer satisfaction as the principal; has undersigned very important successes and firsts in the name of our country with its belief about the necessity of a continuous and sustainable development, variation and difference and its concept that never compromises from the quality.

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